Important Information on Showing with TICA – please read

Welcome to showing with TICA.  We hope you have an enjoyable day here at the show.


Please take the time to read this leaflet – as it describes how a TICA show is run – and this is very different from

the GCCF or FIFe show formats that you may be used to.


The Catalogue

When to take your cat to a Ring


Taking your cat out of the Ring

Judging Sequence


You can always tell when finals are happening because of the cheering and applause that greets each announcement.    


 Earning Titles


We hope this has explained how showing and judging works in TICA.  If you have any other queries then don’t hesitate to ask

one of the organisers.  If they don’t know the answer themselves, they will know “someone who does”!


Most importantly enjoy your day at the show


Visit our website for further information on upcoming shows


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